Terms and Conditions
Hoton Express warmly welcomes you as you read our terms and conditions in choosing our platform. The Terms and Conditions written below are made to  guide you in entering and considering our platform as well as the services.

  1. Customer(s) that is/are legal ages should be guided by his/her/their parent(s) or guardian(s) and take responsibility with the transaction and even agreement between the customer and the platform. If a minor customer still push through purchasing our product(s) regardless of what have mentioned, Hoton Express would not take responsibility with his/her actions and dilemmas in transacting with us.
  2. Using the platform and/or its service(s) for unauthorized and unlawful purpose(s) is strongly prohibited.
  3. At any time, the organization makes sure that our platform and services will be upgraded, repaired or interrupted without prior notice—and we will not be responsible from restricting your access to the platform and/or service(s) when it happens no matter when.
  4. We will be providing an accurate and reliable product description but we do not pledge that everything is exactly descripted and is/are error-free.
  5. All prices listed are surely accountable and liable with taxes.
  6. The platform will automatically terminate a customer who intentionally violate and disregards the organization’s Terms and Conditions in any way possible no matter when.
  7. If any accidental failure occurs within the platform, we will still be entitled and stand with our rights as aligned with our Terms and Conditions.
  8. Hoton Express will only accept Philippine Peso as currency reference.
  9. You, as a customer, should recognize and agree in everything that is written in our Terms and Conditions before purchasing any of our products and availing one of our services.
  10. All items/products that are uploaded in the platform are directly came and branded by Hoton Express; we do not yet entertain “Third Party Seller(s)”.
  11. When purchasing item(s)/product(s), you may put orders in your [Cart] and proceed to [Checkout] wherein you need to fill up a form for ensuring the certainty of the transaction.
  12. For cancellation and/or change of orders, you may access and process it [Here] within 24 hours.
  13. You are strictly not allowed to copy or use our trademarks, logos and anything that is tacked on our products and platform as well.
  14. Hoton Express assures that all price listed are accurate and always stand with our product/item worthiness and quality.
  15. Our valued customers may transact payment through any way that is designated by our platform.
  16. We will always notify you regarding the due date of payment or any transaction between you and our platform.
  17. If a certain customer fail to meet the designated or due date of payment, we will immediately cancel the delivery of product(s)/item(s).
  18. Refunds will be processed in one (1) week only if the customer provide the original transaction receipt and invoice notification from Hoton Express; and will be conditional only if there is legit and credible return of the product purchased.
  19. If you received a defective product that is purchased by our platform, Hoton Express will be responsible for product replacement within 5 days of delivery as long as the item(s) is returned to our nearest physical store within the said period.
  20. Delivery will be processed in 3-5 days with free shipping fee within the locality of Metro Manila with a minimum purchase of ₱500.00; and ₱200.00 starting rate outside Metro Manila and for less than ₱500.00 product purchase. This protocol is applicable for all items except Positive Living’s Massage chairs.
  21. Positive Living section will consider at least 7 days of replacement only if factory defect is presented; the replacement will be processed only if you will be able to present the original receipt and complete transaction and agreement papers to any Positive Living nearby physical stores.
  22. Positive Living section also offers one (1) year free service for all purchased equipment except massage chairs.
  23. Massage chairs under the Positive Living section is a pre-order equipment and will be provided within 45-60 days; it also has one (1) year free service (technician’s transportation is certainly not included).
  24. For Positive Living transactions, you may negotiate directly to the e-mail provided: [email protected]