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How to purchase a product/item?

1. Choose your desired item and place it to your cart.
2. On the upper right, click View Cart.
3. Finalize your chosen product(s)/item(s) and proceed to Settle Up.
4. For purchase accuracy, kindly fill up the Billing and Shipping details.
5. Click Set Order to continue.

How to pay my purchased item/product?

1. Select first a mode of payment.
2. After setting your order(s) and selecting your mode of payment, Hoton Express will notify you about the total amount of how much to be paid.
3. When your order(s) has been verified, we will send you an invoice e-mail regarding your order details and transaction.
4. After all the verifications, you will be connected to your chosen mode of payment.
5. Review the payment details.
6. Click on Pay.
7. Finally, wait for the verification of your payment that will be sent by the medium you
have chosen.

Need extra assistance?

Feel free to ask any questions!